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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Freshmen Analysis

Over the next few days we are going to be analyzing how the networks did with their respective new series.

Staring with Fall 2005:

Fox: 3 of their 7 new show will be keepers. Prison Break and Bones are 2nd-tier hits, although PB's staying power is highly questionable. The War at Home is respectable, as the # 4 comedy show. Head Cases was dead on arrival, Reunion didnt work out, Killer Instinct was a disaster, and Kitchen Confidential was worse than infamously-ratings starved Arrested Development.

Analysis: 3 outta 7 isn't terrible, buit none were hits. The 4 cancelled shows combied for under 20 episodes.

NBC: At least Fox showed originality with their cancelled shows, NBC's lasted longer but were all lame from day 1. Inconcievable was a joke, Three Wishes was a poor Extreme makeover wannabe. E-Ring still having a shot at making the Fall sched. only shows how weak the Peacock is. Surface was the worst of the 3 Lost-esque shows and stands little hope of a 2nd season. Martha Stewart's Apprentice made the Trump version look like 24 by comparison. My Name is Earl is a solid # 2 comedy, but it didn't come close to saving the network like was speculated. Anyway, Earl would've needed to be American-Idol big to have salvaged this disaster cass for NBC.


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